Friday, January 29, 2010

mi cocina {egg drop bake}

Who needs another super simple way to cook eggs? Me!

This recipe is so easy and takes barely any time. We made two adjustments: we added mushrooms and cooked it in a larger dish because we didn't have ramekins.

So, we just covered the bottom of the 7ishX9ish shallow oval casserole dish with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms then added enough shredded cheese to cover them. We dropped about 7 eggs spread out evenly and popped it in the oven. It did take longer to cook - I'm guessing because it was bigger. We probably left it in a little over 25 minutes. didn't try it reheated as leftovers but John did and he said it was good.

We did this for dinner, but I am going to try it next week for breakfast. I do have ramekins now so I am going to put in the veggies and cheese the night before then drop the egg and cook it in the morning. Should be super simple and fast.

Maybe I will add spinach? Maybe zucchini? Yummm...

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