Monday, January 11, 2010


One of my goals for this year the rest of my life is to cut out some tv. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I probably watch a bit too much.

Why, you might ask, do I feel the need to cut it out? It's not really because tv rots your brain (although it probably does). It's also not because I am not entertained by the current offerings of the magical box (because, unfortunately, I am). It's not even because I don't have time (let's be real - you can make time to do the things you love). It's simply because there are other things I want and need to be doing.

For some reason, tv has a supernatural hold on me. It sucks me in and makes me keep watching - even when it's terrible! I plop on the couch to watch one thing and 3 hours later I realize it's time to get in bed if I want to wake up even remotely close to the correct time. So, sorry television, you've got to go. Don't get too sad - I'm not cutting you out completely - just using you in moderation. That's the way to go I hear. However, you do deserve a proper goodbye.

Here are some of the programs that will no longer be graced by my viewing:

The Bachelor
I know - how could I give this up when by all accounts this is the cheesiest and most dramatic season yet? Alas, it has to be done.

Not even the first week of a handful of shirtless, pretty men can keep me (I say first week because after that they start to look sickly).

Secret Life of the American Teenager & Make It or Break It
Oh ABC Family, how you suck me in. But I rebuke your acting-challenged actors and melodramatic storylines for good!

ABC, while I will be eternally grateful for your rescue of one of my favorite shows ever and for providing a proper send-off for the main characters, I must bid adieu to the new class. References to relationships aren't enough to keep me. I miss Janitor. And I miss Ted. And quite frankly, the new ones just aren't funny enough.

90210 & Melrose Place
We broke up in September, but I wanted to air our dirty laundry. We've been on-again-off-again from the beginning. It's time for me to respect myself and move on!

Chris Harrison and Jeff Probst, I'll miss you the most!

What will I be doing with my newly discovered time? Fulfill my commitment of nightly workouts, broaden my cooking and crafting horizons, enjoy working through my netflix que, and spend time with the hubby and dog. And further my obsession and hone my skills on Wii fit and Super Mario Brothers Wii!


  1. I wish Mariska Hargitay and Detective Stabler would release their hold on my time.
    I wish I could block them from my tv...but alas, whenever I hear the "dumdum" I run to the tv and stay there for the next 60 mins...

  2. On Scrubs... I agree but am not ready to give up on them just yet. Additionally, Cole's eyebrows scare me something fierce.