Friday, January 22, 2010

production junction

This weekend will be productive.

I am expecting a lot out of the next two days. They will be filled with fun, work and rejuvenation. This is what I will do:

{paint my kitchen}

{play with the dog}

{clean my bedroom}

{save the princess}

{go to the grocery}


{teach Sunday school}

{sleep late}

{watch God Grew Tired of Us}

{catch up on tivo}

{finally put away all of our stuff from Christmas}

{finish a DIY tote project}

{start some DIY kitchen projects}

{pick out a new recipe for next week}

{hang out with John}

{watch some Big Love}

{go to the gym}

{get ready for another week}

That's a lot! I'll report back with some results on Monday!

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