Friday, January 15, 2010

mi cocina {sloppy joes}

I know....sloppy joes?

I asked John what he wanted that we never have and that's what he said. Then I asked him how to make them. He said meat and manwich.


So I googled and came across this Sloppy Joe recipe from Martha. It's a little healthier - using turkey instead of beef and adding carrots. Plus - I control what goes in it.

Full disclosure: I don't know that I would classify this as a sloppy joe. More sloppy joe-esque. But it was really good. I added a tad bit more Worcestershire and a little spicy brown mustard.

I think this would go well with rice. But I said that a couple of times and John didn't who knows.

I think he's partial to the manwich...

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