Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wrap up

I just remembered I never wrote about Day 3.

It was basically just breakfast and a search for a suitcase because we bought too much wine!

Breakfast was at Crepes, etc. I had some delicious farmers cheese pancakes with lemon curd and blueberries and John had a crepe with steak in it.

And we found a duffle bag at wal-mart. Success.

The highlight of the day was seeing some friends once we got back into Birmingham. We watched the Derby, drank mint juleps and went to dinner. These were friends from grad school and undergrad that I don't see often enough! A great mixture of reminiscing and getting to know who they are now.

All together, a great mini-vacation before my summer craziness begins.

Friday, May 7, 2010

rain delay

Day 2...

Started off with breakfast at Rooster. Yummm. John had what he has declared the best breakfast ever, the rooster slinger. I do have to admit, it was pretty good. But I also greatly enjoyed my goat cheese crepe. They also have a fun mimosa and bloody merry menu. I had a bellini, because I love them. And it's hard to find a real bellini, not the crazy frozen concoction, just champagne and pureed peaches.

We followed breakfast up with a trip to the Arch. It was field trip day. Good views, but I couldn't handle it for long. Crazy kids.

In the afternoon we ventured out of the city to visit a couple of wineries. We weren't super impressed but did find a good lunch at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance.

Really the whole point of the trip was seeing the Cardinals play. Unfortunately the weather forecast for Friday night was not promising. But I told John I would sit through any amount of rain for him to get to see the game....because that's the kind of person I am.

It was sluggies night at Busch Stadium...yes...we both got a Cardinals snuggie...

We got to the stadium and stumbled across a very nice scalper right away. He had some seats under cover, which I strongly encouraged John to buy. They ended up being in the Red Bird Club, which meant we got to ride an elevator up. Yes, we were special.

The game started on time and everything looked rosy until about the beginning of the 4th inning. It started misting, then sprinkling, then raining, then pouring. Then the light show. I mean the lightning was unreal - gorgeous and scary...I love storms. They stopped play and covered the field halfway through the 5th.

Yes, that is the radar on the jumbotron. And yes, that red area was headed right toward us.

That was about 8:45. Around 10:55 it finally stopped raining and they began working on the field to start play again. At this point, there were approximately 5 people left at the game...well maybe a few more than that. And to John's utter delight - they let everyone move down to the good seats! We were about 8 rows back right behind home plate. And the first Cardinal up to bat was Albert Pujols. Who is hot.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals didn't pull out a win. If they had called them game in the 5th inning instead of delaying they would have won. But oh well, at least we got to see a whole game!

Fun times!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

st. louis

John and I went on a mini-vacation to St. Louis this past weekend. Southwest had cheap flights and he loves the Cardinals.

We had a great time exploring St. Louis and really just relaxing. Forgoing an expensive hotel room, we found a great apartment available to rent. It will definitely be our go-to place to stay when we make inevitable return trips.

I found some new favorites while there so I thought I would report back.

The apartment was on the edge of a super-cute neighborhood in the Central West End. Thursday we had lunch at Pi and enjoyed some deep dish pizza. For drinks, John had some kind of whiskey concoction that he loved. I don't remember exactly what was in mine, but I included agave syrup and basil and it was delish.

We walked around for a while exploring the area, including the gated street communities - a unique part of St. Louis. After our walk we stopped in a wine shop, The Vino Gallery. There, I found my new favorite wine. Seriously, it's delicious. But I can't find it online - guess we will have to go back to St. Louis to get more!

And that was Day 1...