Wednesday, May 5, 2010

st. louis

John and I went on a mini-vacation to St. Louis this past weekend. Southwest had cheap flights and he loves the Cardinals.

We had a great time exploring St. Louis and really just relaxing. Forgoing an expensive hotel room, we found a great apartment available to rent. It will definitely be our go-to place to stay when we make inevitable return trips.

I found some new favorites while there so I thought I would report back.

The apartment was on the edge of a super-cute neighborhood in the Central West End. Thursday we had lunch at Pi and enjoyed some deep dish pizza. For drinks, John had some kind of whiskey concoction that he loved. I don't remember exactly what was in mine, but I included agave syrup and basil and it was delish.

We walked around for a while exploring the area, including the gated street communities - a unique part of St. Louis. After our walk we stopped in a wine shop, The Vino Gallery. There, I found my new favorite wine. Seriously, it's delicious. But I can't find it online - guess we will have to go back to St. Louis to get more!

And that was Day 1...


  1. you and john are too fun - i'm jealous

  2. your favorite wine is not Beans Creek?