Thursday, January 7, 2010

mi cocina

I tease my mom about never teaching me to cook. She replies that I never stayed home long enough. She's probably right.

I'm not a bad cook, just not terribly creative or confidant. I stick to the same old stuff, over-complicate things when they are simple, and scare easily when they are the least bit involved. I think my biggest fault is my lack of familiarity with ingredients, processes and equipment. However, I'm starting to understand that the more I do it, the better I will get!

So I'm starting something new in an effort to force myself to try new things in the world of cooking. Each Friday I'm going post a new recipe I have tried and how it turned out for me. Hopefully they will all be amazing - but I am expecting some failures!

I am calling each cooking installment mi cocina for one of two reasons: a) my rich Hispanic heritage or b) I once ate at a restaurant called mi cocina in the West Village in Dallas and it was amazing (especially the sangria frozen margarita...yum) plus marked one of my favorite sight-seeing days at any NODA conference where we stumbled upon a large community fall festival complete with pumpking carving and a great band that I just reminded myself of!

If you answered B you not only made it through that run-on sentence, but you are right! For some reason that meal has stuck with me and I like the thought of this being about my kitchen and what I learn to do with it.

So, check in tomorrow for my first installment!

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