Wednesday, January 6, 2010

favorite moments

Moments I enjoyed the most on my break...

{the birth of my 4th niece or nephew (I mean, I know he's a nephew, I just don't know how to say that I now have 4 there a non-gender specific word for this??)}

{spending quality time with my other new nephew and his cute parents}

{spending time with my high school best friends (even though I didn't get to see one of them - next trip Clarissa!)}

{finding surprising gems in John's hometown-ish (including some faux Wayfarers for $2.99!)}

{baking with my mom and aunt - more on that later}

{spending loads of quality time with the original nephew - Tucker Brown - and seeing how grown up he is becoming and hanging out with the lone niece and listening to all of her words and enjoying her hugs and kisses}

{J&G shish-ka-bob}

{rum balls and apricot squares}

{watergate salad, smoked turkey, and confirming my feelings toward pea salad}

{NYE with my best framily (get it...friends+family...the whole family are our best friends)}

{sleeping in}

{watching Up; maybe one of my favorite movies ever}

{a trip to Starbucks with Nana}

{my favorite meal of the year - hog jowl, blackeyed peas, cabbage, corn bread and fruit salad - yum!}

{dirty santa with John's family where I came away with twenty bucks and where John gave this gem framed and labeled with "The Original Dirty Santa"}

{many many more}

Moments I wish I had...

{time with my mother's family; Denton, Trent, Papa and B-Bo at Nana's; Hunan's; more time off work to spend in our home; even more time with family; real snow}

Happy 2010!

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