Tuesday, January 26, 2010

we saved the princess

It was a great weekend! I spent lots of quality time with the husband and we got lots done! Some was work, some was fun, but it was all great.

I got done...
{one coat of kitchen paint, played with the dog, halfway cleaned my bedroom, saved the princess, taught Sunday school, slept late, watched God Grew Tired of Us (more to come on that later), caught up on Tivo, finished the tote project (more to come), hung out with John}

I was lacking in these areas...
{reading, watching Big Love, grocery shopping, going to the gym, other kitchen projects, and another recipe for this week}

However, as you will see, the list of things I did is much longer than what I didn't do!

I forget sometimes how nice it is to just be with John. We have a pretty good time together. And even though he gets a little made at me when I mess up in Super Mario, or I get frustrated that he kills me by going to fast through a world...we make a pretty good princess saving team!

And the kitchen...the verdict is not yet in. It's pretty bright for now, but hopefully a second coat will calm that down.

Unfortunately, the paint was not restricted to the wall...Juneau ended up with a big green dot on her back. Oh well.

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