Thursday, March 31, 2011

listening to {blue mother tupelo}

Blue Mother Tupelo is a duo I randomly found back in my myspace days. Last weekend I pseudo-randomly checked the schedule for 8th and Rail in Opelika and was ecstatic to see they were playing there the next night.

So I convinced the husband to go out two nights in a row to the same place, and on a Saturday night, so I could see them play. That's a little misleading. It wasn't really convincing...I just said "we're coming tomorrow night too!" and he said "sure".

They were so good live. Super fun and down to earth. There weren't many people there so we got to talk to them about Knoxville and even exchanged hugs at the end of the night (and I don't really hug so that's big).

This is my favorite song.

And from their new album I love Always Lookin' and The War. The piano on The War is great!

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