Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what next?

Life rolls out in pieces. For 18 years I lived a life neatly divided by summer vacation. Every 10 months I got a 2 month break and then an exciting new adventure. Even before I started school, I celebrated summer with my mother who got to be home from work.

Then I went to college. From my first day in this new adventure, I knew when it would end. I had four years to live it up in the "best time of my life". And I did.

Then on to graduate school. Two years. A set amount of time to learn it all and become a real life adult.

And as I got my first job, John started divinity school. In three years it would be time for another change. At the very least, a move, maybe a new job.

Now, here we are in Alabama. Both working with no end in sight. No predetermined amount of time to be in this piece. Our life stretches before us. Like we were on the yellow brick road that lead to a clear destination. But now someone has painted over it with chalkboard paint ('cause it's trendy) and we have to write our own story.

What will be the catalyst? Will we just know when it's time to make a change? Will we be able to resist making change for the sake of change?

Now is the time when you hope to God (I'm not using His name in vain...I truly hope and pray to God) that you know who you are. That all those years of self-reflection and the trials of life taught you something. That you trust (without wavering) the person you are making decisions with.

What next?

Who knows?

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