Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I think you're going to be a good year.

I celebrated you yesterday by going to work. And then to dinner. Where I officially disasterated my healthy eating. But it was all for you. And worth it. It's only one day.

The husband gave me this....

so pretty. And so useful in making some macarons.

Which, coincidentally, I had some of this weekend. From a new source. Old City Java, where my sister-in-law works in Knoxville. Baked by this person, who though I've never met, I hear is wonderful. She can definitely bake.


My parents gave me these...

I'm collecting. This was my great-aunt's pattern. Her name was Ella.

In addition, my mom gave me life. Something I greatly appreciate. And on her birthday no less. She once called me the gift that keeps on taking.

I'm a fan. Of her that is.

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