Monday, September 21, 2009

Some say I am a dreamer

Any time I have an opportunity to make a wish, it is almost always the same thing. I wish to be independently wealthy. Some days, I am aware of how selfish that sounds. I mean, really? I could wish for anything and I wish for that? But to make myself feel better, I justify. Because, if I had all the money I would ever need, I could do so much with my time! I could really give back and do the things that matter. Plus, I could throw my money wherever I wanted. I could help whoever I wanted!

And also, I could have my dream home. I think a lot about what that would look like. And my mind changes every day. So, instead of deciding on a dream home, I've settled on a dream designer. I have decided that I am in love with Sixx Design. And, if I was independently wealthy, they would design all of my homes and they would all be fabulous, and all of my millions left over would be used to help other people.

So, here is a compilation of what my homes would look like:

I think my favorite is the in-ground trampoline. I might just go dig a whole right now. Or maybe I will get John to dig it.

I have their book too, which is full of before and afters and great stories about their design process and amazing finds. I think my favorite is the NYC townhouse that features a rooftop basketball court that makes even me want to shoot some hoops!

Unfortunately my sister-in-law always reminds me that I am destined to earn what I have; which I suppose isn't so bad. I guess I will just keep dreaming!

I originally found Sixx and these pics on: Design Mom, oh happy day! and black*eiffel.


  1. if you had a ground trampoline, i would never leave your house.
    just saying.
    so maybe it's for the best.

  2. also, i would/will have one of these

  3. That decides it - I will be breaking ground on the trampoline tomorrow. Anything to have you come live with me.

    And I love the chalkboard table! But wouldn't your clothes get dirty....?

  4. as long as you keep the chalk on top of the table, and not too close to the sides AND were super careful when you leaned over the table to pass/grab/etc.
    i'm actually going to have one, so you can come over sometime and try it out